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Recycled Cardboard
We will demonstrate the economic benefits, positive environmental and social impact of a circular economy in Western Australia


It starts with you!

We share our passion and expertise, you make it work!

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KITO Sustainability with you on the journey, every step of the way!

The evidence is clear: the time for action is now. We need to halve our global emissions by 2030.

“We are at a crossroads. The decisions we make now can secure a liveable future. We have the tools and know-how required to limit warming,” said IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee.

How can we do it, and who can do it?

Our current economic model (Linear: Take - Make- Dispose) is not working, We are using our natural resources faster than the earth can provide them, we consume more and more, and outsource more and more of our production overseas. Additionally we have a crisis in our waste management sector, relying on recycling is not working...

More now than ever, we need to transition to a Circular Economy model where we will:

  • Design waste out

  • Keep product and material in use longer

  • Regenerate natural systems.

Who will drive this transition? ALL OF US... Whether you are a local business; local Government organization; a member of our community .. you have a huge role to play.. As an inventor, a designer, producer, a consumer, a policy maker, a citizen, or just as a human being concerned about the future..

And we want to participate by building a community people and businesses like you, with missions and empowered to act!

Let's do it together!


Be the change you want to see! Join one of our workshops, or invite us to facilitate a workshop at your workplace, your school or community group.. 

Through education, engagement and participation, we aims to build a strong, inclusive, and connected community of people and businesses engaged to find solution to rethink, reduce, re-use and recycle waste and rethink the way we consume and run our businesses for a sustainable future.  

So, we collaborated with educators, waste management consultants and professionals in the recycling and circular economy sectors to design a series of engaging and interactive educational workshops on waste management, plastic waste, plastics recycling, microplastics, Circular Economy and more.. These workshops encourage participants to share ideas and challenge the way with think about waste, consumerism, and plastic.  

Engagement & Education
waste reducion and diversion


Start your environmental sustainability journey by understanding and reducing your waste! We can help you with that..


DID YOU KNOW.. WA generates more waste per capita than other Australian states ( over 2,500 kilograms per capita per annum); dispose of the second highest amount of waste to landfill; and  have the second lowest rate of resource recovery in the country.

Contact us to set up SMART waste reduction goals in your organization, to carry out a waste audit and implement a waste management plan! 

We will help you:

  • Establish baseline or benchmark data of your waste.

  • Characterise and quantify waste streams

  • Identify opportunities for waste diversion and Waste Reduction

  • Establish a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) action plan.

Sustainable Development and Circular Economy

Having a Sustainability Strategy (or ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance) that drives real impact isn’t just an opportunity — it is now a necessity!

Climate change is the result of more than a century of unsustainable production, lifestyles and consumptions habits, energy and land use. The evidence is clear: the time for action is now. We need to halve our emissions by 2030.

Where to start? The development and implementation of a sustainability strategy can be a huge challenge for small businesses, forced to leap forward from the mere adoption of green practices toward rethinking, redesigning, and redeveloping their business practices in a more sustainable and circular way.

We can help you connect the dotes.. We provide support with development and implementation of sustainability strategies and initiatives; project and business development of Circular business models, application of the 17 UN SDG to your organization... Let's chat and find a way...

Sustainable development
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