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Join our workshops to demystify sustainability,
rethink waste and transition to a Circular Economy.
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It starts with you!

We share our passion and expertise, you make it work!

Raising awareness is the best lever for impactful social, cultural and environmental changes!

So.. we have worked with consultants, educators and industry experts to designed and  a suite of interactive workshops about waste, sustainability, plastics, Circular Economy and more...

Through our series of educational and engaging workshops we will help businesses, community groups and local governments to demystify sustainability, rethink waste and support the transition towards circular economy.

IT STARTS WITH US: As consumers, citizens, small business owners, parents, community members, we ALL have an important role to play to ensure a circular and sustainable future. Join us for an interactive and engaging discussion which will change teh way you see waste, plastic and sustainability ...

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We all want to reduce waste going to landfill.. but how? By understanding that waste is so much more than what we put in the bin. Let's look at waste through a different lens. 

This workshop has been designed and delivered as a collaborative project with Matrix Sustainability. April from Matrix sustainability is an expert in waste and sustainability education. "Building emotional connection to sustainable change". In fact, after participating in this workshop, you may never think about waste the same way again.  Get involved in "process thinking" activities and see how waste is not just what's in our bins!



Join us as we explore the topic on everyone's lips - Plastic. Let's journey through the history of plastic, why we invented it and how it revolutionized our lifes. Whilst we agree there is a serious plastic pollution problem, would you be surprised to know that plastic was actually invented with the intention of conserving natural resources?   Participate in some brainstorming activities and explore the complexities and challenges of plastic recycling, as well as discuss how we can all participate to address these issues.

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We are swamped in waste, digging all resources out of the ground, outsourcing manufacturing overseas and consuming more and more..

Our current "linear" system is not working for our planet.

More now than ever, we need to transition to a model where we will design waste out, keep material in use longer and regenerate natural systems.

You have a huge role to play.

Join our interactive workshop to find out how..!



Microplastics, also known as the SMALL plastics with BIG problems..  Microplastics are any piece of plastic less than 5 millimeters in size and they are everywhere. They've made their way into all the products we consume, but also the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath. There's no doubt we're ingesting them. Let's have a closer look at it.. the ones we can see, the ones we can't. The ones we can avoid, the ones we can't.. and what we can all do about it..? 

Green Buildings


The drive for economic growth has resulted in problems such as environmental degradation and social disparities. Sustainability or Sustainable development prescribes for a more balanced approach across three pillars: social inclusion, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity... in a few words.. Because we are social PEOPLE, sharing one PLANET, all wanting to make sufficient PROFIT to maintain our lifestyle, we are all playing an important role in sustainable development. Join us to discuss how we can all be active participants for a sustainable future.

Business Presentation



We are constantly working at designing new and engaging workshops.

JOIN US for a workshop or all of them.. Check out our events calendar, and if there is nothing schedule near you then invite us to facilitate a workshop at your workplace, school, local council or community group!

And if you feel really strong about a specific "sustainability" topic not on here.. that's no problem.. Get in touch with us to design a "tailored to your need" workshops.

Can't wait to see you!



"This was a great workshop to attend and the presentation gave an exceptional overview that we are blowing the Earth's resources budget. Maryline runs some great workshops over here in WA, educating all and opening their minds".

Justin - Commercial Logistics Manager at REMONDIS Australia.

"Maryline and April work great as a team as they are both very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate, vibrant, friendly and excellent at connecting with participants. The workshops were really interactive and helped participants to see the bigger picture and consider the whole life cycle of waste – where it comes from and the resources it takes to create it, where it ends up and how we need to move to a circular economy. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Maryline and April again if the opportunity arises".


Rochelle - Community Development Officer at City of Canning.

"Loved it! What I loved the most: Breath of ideas, magnitude of the challenges of recycling, encourages alternatives and deeper ways of thinking about waste and plastics".


Pam - workshop participant.

"Common sense made interesting and effective, would definitely recommend attending".


Jessica - "Before the bin" workshop participant.

Image by Oakville News

Sustainability, climate change, plastic pollution, waste management crisis, circular economy, decarbonization and net-zero transition... we know how overwhelming these topics can be..

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you don't feel you fully understand these topics, , you don't feel you have a role to play and you can't see how your actions will make any difference?

then.. JOIN our workshops..!!!

Your actions have an impact greater than you may imagine and they ripple to those around us, creating the synergy needed to tackle the obstacles..

The team at KITO Sustainability.

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